For the purpose of nondisclosure of group primogenitors’ private history some surnames are omitted.


In boundless Universe, in many-millioned Russia there lived musicians. As any other people they did their business – played music and lived their lives joyfully.
Lo and behold among thousands of musicians at one earthshattering moment three of them met together: Georgiy, Mikhail and Vadim. What united so different people? What brought them together? – is a question as ambiguous as the life itself.
They made a band, invented a name and beautiful music began flowing. An enchanting union of fiddle, bouzouki and whistle made hundreds of hearts rejoice and feel melancholy.
Time flied and another musician came to the group. Nikolay was young but very gifted. He added to Chorus musical palette melodious accordion and percussion. Remarkable people united together and the music became living and palpable, but ... musical unions are not everlasting.
 Implacable fate scattered the guys around the vast Earth. Mikhail began playing in Ukrainian folk-group, Nikolay founded project “Coda”, and then “Gardarica”. Vadim kept the old name and gathered “new” Chorus in Taganrog on the Azov Sea. A lot of musicians participated in the project during two years: Andrey – trumpeter, Nikolay – drummer, Andrey – flutist, Ruslan Doja – fiddler, Andrey – bassist, Alexander Murzakov – guitar, Slava – flutist and a devoted percussionist – Andrey Nikolaev. Taganrog gave us quite a lot of Andreys. For the present there are two constant group members – Vadim and Darya.
Folk songs have begun sounding in a new way, and a new Saga of Wanderings started....



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